Cheyenne and Dustin - Love Stories Session

Love Stories | Dustin and Cheyanne – Jacksonville, NC

Cheyenne and Dustin - Love Stories Session
Cheyenne and Dustin – Love Stories Session

The first couple in our Love Stories series is near and dear to our hearts. We first met Cheyanne and her husband Dustin after a mini-session giveaway and they quickly became one of our favorite couples to work with. Great sense of humor, always happy to be silly with us and never afraid to bear with us to get the perfect shot. These two are precious and we are so thankful to have such a loyal and kind set of friends and clients. Without further ado, here’s their story:

Cheyanne’s Story
My crazy husband and I met back in highschool. I had just moved to Mississippi at the end of my Sophomore year. We had the same gym class. I remember the first time he caught my attention, he was playing basketball (which rarely happened) and I honestly thought he was the cutest guy I had seen. He always wore these white button ups and khaki pants. He was being “smooth” one day by pretending not to know how something worked on his phone, so naturally I volunteered to help him. That lead to me putting my number in his phone. By the end of the school year we were becoming close. I asked him out to some event, but he told me he wanted to wait until he was 16 and had his license. A month later, he invited me to a movie. We saw The Smurfs and walked around Party City until we had to leave so I wouldn’t be late on curfew. We hugged and went our separate ways, both of us knowing we should have kissed. But I guess that made our first kiss even better. We met at the city park for about five minutes while I was in town with a friend, and he “ran up to the store”. We hugged goodbye and had a shy kiss. Still the best ever. As usual though, things happen when you’re young and teenagers, and we broke up. I moved away but always missed him. I think his smile and his eyes are truly his best features. After four years, just touching base with each other, we started talking again, with the intention of being in a serious relationship. On August 15, 2016 I married the love of my life. I truly love the way he is always understanding. He is patient and charming, great with kids and animals. He loves his family and always puts family first. He is really smart, which at times makes me feel really dumb. He is my bug killer, my comedian, my protector and soulmate. I couldn’t imagine being married to a more wonderful guy.

Dustin’s Story
Me and my lovely wife Cheyanne met in 2011 in my physical education class when she transferred to my school. Both of us being quiet and reserved, at the time, neither one of us openly advanced on the other for at least a month. After that awkward first month we began to conversate casually, both secretly investigating the other, and one day I asked her for help with my new phone and she put her number in my phone. Our first date followed shortly after when we went to the movies and saw The Smurfs. I hate the movies but I suffered through it for her which is something I still do, and at the end we had a small kiss and said goodnight to each other. Up to this point we hadn’t made any real connection, that connection happened one of the two trips up and we started to fall for each other. Surprisingly it was I that started to have stronger feelings first. Cheyanne had nicknamed me “Skits” since I was so quiet and reserved and half the school seemed to think I was going to blow up the school and kill everybody. Of course I wasn’t though since I liked SOME people. Anyways, I was font of that name since it was her calling me that and a few short days later she touched my face lightly and called me her “sweet little skits”. I fell hard and I still don’t really know why it made such an impression on me but it was the real start to our relationship. We dated more seriously after that but after a year things went downhill when she moved to L.A. with her uncle. We broke up and maintained very little contact for the next few years. After I joined the Marine Corps in 2015 we started casually dating again and grew close again and dated for about a year when I decided I wanted more than just to date. So I asked her to marry me, she laughed thinking I was joking. But I persisted and she agreed. I went home on leave to marry her on August 15th, 2016, which was the first time we had seen each other since I had dropped her off to go live with her uncle in 2012.

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