Meet Your Photographer – Samantha

“I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one” – Calamity Jane

Hey there, my name is Samantha. I’m a small town girl born and raised in beautiful North Carolina. I’m a mom to five very rambunctious dogs (June, Hank, Merle, Boone and Ellie), seven very spoiled cats (Mogwai, Waylon, Charlie, Gracie, Mattie, Lucy and Dolly), three devastatingly fluffy Chinchillas (Conway, Rocky and Bullwinkle) and two sweet rats (Dean and Sam). Yes, I am the ringmaster of a small zoo. 🙂 Aside from my obvious love of animals, I’m a pretty goofy gal. I’m a little too obsessed with anything Nikon makes. My cowboy boot collection never stops growing and I can’t really function like a normal human being without having at least four or so glasses of tea per day.

I’ve been married to the coolest dude I’ve ever met, Jay, since January 1st of 2015. He’s my biggest fan and the biggest goofball I know (besides myself). I’ll never be able to express how blessed I am to have him around. He never denies me a pair of boots or a critter to snuggle with.

I started my photography journey a little more than ten years ago. I spent most of my weekdays preparing for long weekends at racetracks all across the country. Camera in hand, I had the privilege of documenting the adventures of some of the coolest folks you’ll ever meet. The Motorsports industry is a field full of truly amazing people and the subject matter in and of itself is pretty darn awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love a good race car? I loved every second I got to be behind the camera and the travel was amazing. However, it was rare back then that I got a chance to focus my passion for photography on things other than Motorsports. Secretly (or maybe not so secretly) I loved the rare chance I got to document the lives of folks who didn’t spend their weekends sweating and sun-burning at the local raceway like me. Race cars are a ton of fun, but photographing people is where my heart’s passion truly rests.

I will always believe that photography isn’t as simple as the click of a shutter button or a simple image printed on paper. It’s a journey. It’s a way to save all the precious time between now and ten years later and the best thing I can think of is to be a part of that process. To save something special so that years later you’ll have more than just a memory. I hope to be able to save your memories and share a little bit of myself with each of you as I believe the best way we can contribute in this world is to create and learn with others.

Maggie and June Photography (aptly named after my favorite departed horse and my faithful retired service dog) is my way of sharing my passion for capturing memories with all of you. 🙂

xoxo- Samantha

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