Portraits | Allison and Kya the Husky | Charlotte, North Carolina

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” —Josh Billings

Anyone who knows me even a little bit well, knows that I LOVE dogs. I have three of my own and among all the different kinds of sessions I do, those involving dogs and kids are my favorite. Both dogs and kids cannot be told how to pose. There’s a certain organic honesty that comes from these types of sessions. So when I was home over the holidays I jumped at the chance to do a quick session with my good friend Allison and sweet Kya the Husky.

I had a Siberian Husky growing up named Meeka and the one thing that kept sticking out in my mind before this session was the memory of my childhood Husky and her hilarious antics and never ending expulsion of energy and play. So I expected a playful pup and boy was I right. Kya jumped right into our session with cuddles, lens licking and chasing tennis balls (that she refused to retrieve lol).

I don’t think it’s possible that these two could be any more adorable than they already are. Kya is a barrel of energy, warm and loving. She is a perfect match to Allison’s sweet nature and it makes me so happy to see my friend has found the best doggie companion.

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