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Four letters. One Word.

Love. Four letters, one word. Seems easy enough. However the heart of the matter is far from it. No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from nothing translates as universally as this intricate concept. Love binds us, teaches us and humbles us. It has the power to change us permanently and teach us things about ourselves that we otherwise would never have concluded. We all need it, we all search for it and yet each story is vastly different filled with idiosyncrasies and quirks that only two lovers could truly understand.

I’ve always loved the symbiotic nature of love. Complex yet simple. Joyous but sometimes painful. The inspiration behind this series is just that. I want to tell your stories. I LOVE telling your stories. It grants me the rare privilege to understand love through the eyes of other people. I am looking for 10 couples to participate in this project. Sessions will be 30 minutes long. If you’re interested in sharing your story, I am humbled and grateful to document it. For inquiries please email me at



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