Resources | Mini-Session Checklist

Mini-sessions can be super hectic. Often scheduled back to back, it can be difficult on both the photographer and the client if things don’t run smoothly. Here I’ve assembled a simple Mini-Session Checklist that I want to share with both clients and other photographers because I think it’s always important for us to be able to communicate so that we can create beautiful images together.

1.Plan your outfits

Once you’ve booked your session and you’ve got an idea of the theme, you’ll need to make sure everyone is dressed properly for the occasion. Make sure you’ve coordinated all your outfits and any necessary props you’re utilizing at least two days prior to your session. If you’re unsure of what to wear, any photographer (myself included) will usually be happy to assist you with outfit/prop/makeup planning. When thinking about what to wear for your session, avoid shirts with large logos. They’re annoyingly distracting in photos. Bold colors and patterns are always a good idea. Fun fabrics with a lot of texture add depth and look amazing on camera. For winter/fall: Think chunky sweaters, plaids, knits and denim. Layering, layering, layering!For spring/summer: Think flowy summer dresses, cowboy boots, bright sun-shiny colors and natural makeup. Just remember, layering always adds a certain depth and appeal to an image so try pairing a cute jacket over a patterned shirt or dress, etc. For kids, always bring an extra outfit or two. Messes happen. Kids will be kids. Do coordinate, but avoid being too “matchy-matchy”. It usually just looks cheesy.

Should you need assistance deciding on wardrobe ideas for your session, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am happy to help you plan your outfits. And don’t forget, Pinterest can also be extremely helpful when deciding on colors schemes and pattern mixing. If you’d like to stalk my Pinterest for ideas you can follow me on Pinterest here.

2. Get some rest

A full night’s rest makes a wealth of a difference in how you look and feel during your session. Mini sessions go by fast. So it’s important that you and your little ones have had plenty of rest the night before. Happy tiny humans usually have a full belly and have experienced the joy of a nap prior to your session. Trust me. If you want smiles and giggles from your little ones during your session, gift them a solid nap prior to.

3. Get some chow

Full bellies make for happy kids (and dads). You will not be able to fully enjoy your session if you’re worried about hungry little ones or the grumbling in your own tummy. I always recommend bringing a snack or two, especially for little ones. (I can vouch that 99% of the time I have snacks on hand. Don’t be afraid to ask. Especially in regards to snacks for little ones.)

4. Don’t be late

Arrive at least 10 minutes early. Your time is just as valuable to me as I hope mine is to you. Mini-sessions often run back to back so any amount of time that you are late may directly impact the length of your session. We can’t always make up whatever time was lost due to lateness. The early bird gets the worm.

5. Relax and have fun

Have fun! Stop worrying about whether or not your hair looks good. (It looks fabulous, I promise.) Focus on having fun. It will make your session more natural and enjoyable for you and your family. The more relaxed and unworried you are, the more smoothly your session will go. Don’t worry if your kids aren’t being perfect angels or refuse to smile (I have a bag of tricks intended to make kids laugh, it works about 99% of the time. I also bring my service dog to sessions sometimes. So if you’re worried your kids will be cranky, but you know they love dogs, let me know beforehand. I’ll bring my pup and your kids will surely be all smiles). The main thing is, enjoy your session. We’re documenting your family, so as long as you’re having fun we can translate that into beautiful photographs.

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